it’s a pun get it? Buzz Aldrin? The astronaut? a living Icon!

Buzzed Aledrin Coffee Belgian has launched!

This brew is our latest collaboration with the amazing crew at Sputnik Coffee Roasters.

Buzzed is a simple recipe with complex flavors.

The Sputnik Crew came by the brewery and we tasted coffee and honey samples with some of our pre-existing brew recipes and we focused the flavor profile being a well balanced pallet of coffee honey and beer.

The Motor Row Brewing team met the Sputnik team through a happenstance at a local farmers market. After getting to talk we realized how much our brand identity and passion for craft overlapped. We both aim to make easy-to-drink accessible brews for every person. They brew the coffee we brew the beer and we’ve got your morning to evening covered. A few hangouts later and a coffee beer trial with our pre-existing Morning After Coffee Pilsner led to the desire to establish a creative blend of our flavors.

Laney Honey Farms is our go-to for all things honey at Motor Row we use their products year round for our dry humor and for many of our fun experimental beers such as the Feral Bee wild sour the Day in the Tropics Belgian ale, The Dark humor Buckwheat version of the dry humor and more.

After trying about a dozen different samples of Laney Honey our team and Sputink landed on the thistle crop honey. Thistle is the perfect balance of spice flavor and light sweetness without a caramel or molasses tone that could overpower the coffee and also not so gentle and light that the beer would cover the taste. A true rock paper scissors that ended in 3 way tie.

We brewed the beer and then steeped the whole coffee beans in the finished batch resulting in a cold brew made from Belgian beer rather than water. The style is a low abv all day table beer honestly the ideal brunch brew.

We canned most of this collab so it’ll only be on draft for a limited run. 4 packs of 16oz tall cans will be popping up all over Chicago so keep your eyes peeled for an astronaut running from killer bees.