MRB Year-Rounds

Lager 4.5%

Our Flagship beer is a classic clean lager, a traditional style Munich Helles made with American pilsner malt and German aroma hops.

Schwarzbier 4.5%

The beloved black lager is back! This seductively dark, medium bodied, malty goodness Schwarzbier radiates chocolaty coffee flavors without being too heavy, so have a few.

Broad Shoulders
IPA 7%

Our house IPA is a classic American style IPA with flavor and aroma from MI Cascade hops and a smooth malt finish from wheat and oats.

Belgian Blonde 6%

Our Blonde Belgian honey wheat is the perfect balance of light tart and a little sweet with a beautiful dry finish. This beer is wheaty deliciousness, a little bit of summer all year round. This batch of dry humor has been dubbed the Rom Com special for the Spring season we brewed it with cranberry honey from Laney Honey Family Farms.

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