It‘s Roasty it’s Savory its Spicy it’s Fire. Slow Burn is here!

Locally sourced organic ingredients,

This beer is one of our favorites to brew and definitely a fun project to work on.

Last year we worked with Jen Rosenthal grower and founder of PLANTED a farm that used our composting partners (Natures Little Recyclers) that takes spent grain from our brewing process for worm farms to create healthy soil. Really full circle sustainability here folks. Last year’s slow burn was a savory complex pale ale that had us dreaming for more pepper beers all year.

Fast forward to harvest season 2018, this year we wanted to amp up the spice and the hops for the slow burn. We teamed up with our new friends at Nodding Onion Farms just around the corner in the Bronzeville neighborhood at Legends Farm lot. We made a field trip out to the farm and were greeted by farmer Maggie Dohr who showed off the season’s selection of peppers to choose from. We chose them all. So check it, this new slow burn is LOADED with 6 varieties of fresh peps ranging from dangerously spicy to sweet and gentle, here’s the full list (our bartenders have been tasked with reciting):

Macedonian, Beaver dam, Poblanos, Jalapenos, Paprika, Cayenne

But wait there’s more, because these peppers needed one more special step before unlocking all the best flavors!


This is where awesome neighbors come in handy. Shout out to Barb Sloan who let us use her grills and helped in getting the fresh lil peps all charred up. We burned the skins, peeled the peppers naked and threw the roasted corpses into the fermenters (metal right?!)

The beer we added the peppers to is a single hopped IPA brewed with Loral Hops (not Yanny). The Loral aroma hop variety is perfect for this brew because it brings it’s own peppery herbal flavor but also hints of complimentary citrus.

The biggest fun of the process was our release party. Just a couple days after we added the peps to the brew, the farmers, the roasters and the brewers all got together to get toasty on our collab creation. Stay tuned on our facebook for future release parties we’ve got some honey coffee beer brewing and the bean roasters and beekeepers will be joining us in the taproom to get buzzed.

The end result here is one of our favorite beers we love it and you will to. It starts with a roasty savory flavor gets hoppy and finishes with a slow building spice burn. This beer is a seasonal project so you have a limited window to get to the taproom and try a pint (or 2) we’re already thinking about next year’s perfect pepper beer.